Via Baltica

Routes of the Via Baltica options (extension of map by Tomasz Cofta)

The Białystok option, extremely dangerous for the natural environment but railroaded through the planning process so far by the local authorities, is in red. According to this variant, Via Baltica would cross the Augustów Forest, the Valley of Rospuda, the Biebrza National Park, the Puszcza Biała Forest and probably the Knyszyn Forest. The Łomża option (with several variations), which is supported by ecologists, is in green.

A - alternative variants of the bypass of Augustów, routed north from Uroczysko Święte Miejsce (Sacred Place) through Chodorki (SISKOM) or Raczki. It would also enable bypassing the Augustów Forest with the Valley of Rospuda. Unfortunately, the decisions and actions taken by the authorities so far lead to building the bypass of Augustów right through the centre of the Valley of Rospuda near the Szczeberka (red line), which would mean routing the Via Baltica through the Augustów Forest
B - Suwałki-Raczki-Kalinowo-Ełk expressway, according to the Zoning Plan of the commune of Raczki from 1993. The plan includes a bypass of Raczki and a bridge over Rospuda between Raczki and Dowspuda
C - a section bypassing the Knyszyn Forest, whose construction was promised years ago by the General Management of State Roads and Highways (GDDKiA), but so far even its course in the locality of specific towns and villages has not been planned
D - modernisation works are being conducted here; construction of a bypass of Wasilkowo is officially planned as a part of the Via Baltica project

Rospuda River Valley

The Augustów Bypass - options. Routes plotted on Google Earth satellite map.

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